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Why Lightspeed?

Lightspeed Systems® is trusted in 28,000 schools across 38 countries to deliver the safest, most effective digital learning experience for every student.

Decades of experience sets us apart

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A Proven Partner

At Lightspeed Systems, we are committed to being a proven, trusted partner to our customers. For over 20 years, we’ve collaborated with our client schools and districts to tailor our solutions to the unique and ever-changing landscape of K-12 learning technology. Lightspeed Systems works with tens of thousands of schools to maximize the safety, mobility, and effectiveness of their students’ learning experience.

Committed to Privacy

Our commitment to student and district data privacy is unrivaled. Lightspeed Systems is one of the only solutions on the market that boasts a dedicated team of expert data scientists and database operators, ensuring optimal student safety and data security from the roots up. We’re early signers of the Student Privacy Pledge; we’re GDPR compliant across solutions and company policies; and our solutions are hosted in the secure AWS® cloud.

An Integrated Ecosystem of Solutions

Many schools and districts turn to a range of software offerings from different vendors to cover various bases, but with Lightspeed Systems, everything your school or district needs to ensure the safest, most effective online learning experience possible is available with one partner. Every device can be covered with the most effective web filter, student safety monitor, classroom management software, device management tool, and analytics program available.

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Distance Learning Challenges & Solutions

Lightspeed Systems® was the key to a quick and smooth transition for thousands of schools and millions of students after COVID forced schools to pivot to remote learning.

Committed to Student Safety

Lightspeed Systems® is a Proud Partner