A Better Kind of Classroom Management Software

“The teachers have fallen in love with Relay Classroom! We cannot live without it!”

“Our teachers have felt empowered by the Relay Classroom tool which has allowed them to manage Chromebooks in their classroom without the help of IT.”

“Classroom allows me to quickly and politely redirect my students back to their assigned work.”

These are just some of the things we hear every day from schools that have implemented Relay Classroom — and for good reason: Relay Classroom takes a whole new approach to classroom management software that solves the old challenges and brings a host of new benefits.

1. It frees teachers from their desks

With Classroom, teachers can see a whole class of student screens if they want, but staring at thumbnails on a screen and trying to interpret what’s going on is not usually the most productive way to manage a class. Instead of forcing teachers to monitor their own screens, Classroom uses an easily scannable list view and AI insights to free teachers to walk the room or work with students.

2. It saves time and keeps students on track with AI

Classroom uses artificial intelligence (and Lightspeed’s unmatched understanding of the web and typical student activity) to alert teachers to unusual browsing behavior so they can spot, and dig into, concerns more quickly.

3. It solves IT needs

Classroom is GDPR-compliant and follows the strictest student data privacy guidelines. It also provides administrative controls that make it easy to set who can do what — from using Classroom to recording activity to seeing history reports — in order to meet each school’s unique requirements.

4. It’s real-time

With other solutions, slow refreshes on screen views mean teachers don’t get an accurate view of what’s happening right now. Class moves quickly, and Classroom updates in real-time so screens and list views and locks are immediate.

5. It’s cross-platform

Chromebooks, Mac, and Windows devices are all supported!

6. It’s simple

We designed the Classroom interface to make it easy for teachers to do a whole lot of things without a complex interface that requires training and professional development. (But when they need it, we have full training courses, documentation, and webinars available to help!)

7. It integrates with your SIS

Getting all your classes, teachers, and students into Classroom (and keeping them up-to-date with ongoing changes) is easy with SIS and directory integration.

8. It just works

The biggest frustration with technology in the classroom comes when the technology itself wastes precious instructional time with troubleshooting and management. Classroom just works.

9. It integrates with the Relay platform

Classroom is available on its own, or as part of the complete Relay platform that gives you everything you need for your 1:1 program: filtering, monitoring, device management, student safety, reporting, device location, and more.

10. It does SO much

With Classroom, teachers can view activity across a whole class, lock devices, limit internet access, share links, broadcast teacher or student screens, drill into student screens, close tabs, send messages, view browsing history, record activity, and much more so every minute in class can be maximized.

What could your school do with Lightspeed Classroom Management™ (formerly Relay Classroom)?

  • Save instructional time
  • Keep students on track
  • Help teachers integrate technology
  • Ensure policies are enforced
  • Drive adoption of devices and resources
  • Spot students who need more help
  • And so much more!

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