Selecting a web filter for your school or district isn’t just about CIPA compliance (although, that is definitely important!); it’s about helping your students learn boundaries and stay safe online. When selecting the right web filter for your edtech programs, consider these five must-have features. 

1. Cloud-based filtering for off-campus protection

In the new era of hybrid and remote learning, CIPA compliance is no longer just an on-campus issue. Students who are learning from various locations, or who are simply bringing their school device home for evenings, weekends, and breaks, need to be protected from inappropriate content, too.  

Select a web filter that is cloud-based to ensure your students are protected online, anywhere learning takes place, and give your students 21st-century flexibility in their learning environment. 

2. Selective YouTube filtering

Some videos can teach complicated math or physics concepts while others are simply too mature or dangerous for students. Having granular and configurable YouTube filtering built in natively to your web filter allows for the benefits of video learning without putting your students at risk.  

Smart Play dashboard controls

As a bonus feature, look for a web filter that hides inappropriate video thumbnails and video comments. 

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3. Control gaming in the classroom

Who didn’t love playing Oregon Trail or Jeopardy during class time back-in-the-day? Gamified learning, such as Minecraft: Education Edition, engages students and should be accessible to them. Look for a web filter with granular blacklisting and whitelisting features that will block games with adult themes but allow games that aid in classroom instruction. 

4. Flexibility across every OS

As your district, schools, or grade-levels adopt new devices, a single filter that works on any device type will be useful and practical. And if a BYOD (bring your own device) policy is your reality or in your future, having the ability to filter them will be valuable beyond measure.  

Don’t let operating systems dictate your CIPA compliance; select a web filter that gives you the power to choose the right devices for your curriculum. 

5. Parent communication

Whether parents are assisting students with remote lessons, serving as tech support for their children, or making sure that devices are being used appropriately, their involvement is more important than ever.

desktop and mobile views of student internet activity reports

Web filters with parent communication options can allow guardians visibility of their child’s internet activity at home to keep them safe, focused, and observing healthy screen time allowances.

To learn more about CIPA-compliant web filtering through Lightspeed Filter™, watch this 90-second overview video and request a demo today.

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