Web filtering in today’s schools is about more than blocking and allowing websites; it’s also about keeping students safe — from inappropriate content as well as from things like cyberbullying and self-harm — while still allowing the learning and collaboration mobile technology brings. Lightspeed Filter (formerly Relay) is a smarter filter that keeps students safer.

Safe Everywhere, All the Time

Relay’s patent-pending Smart Agents sit on devices so users are protected all the time, wherever they go. We have Smart Agents for every OS as well as solutions for BYOD and IoT. And don’t worry: Students can’t remove or disable the agents.

Safe YouTube

Video can be a great way to learn, but YouTube is also full of inappropriate content. Relay provides more powerful YouTube controls that make it easy to block adult content while allowing educational content.

Safe Social Media

Relay’s Social Media Controls let schools block social media sites, allow social media sites, or allow them as read-only — and these settings can be varied by age, group, and user, so it’s easy to set appropriate controls for the appropriate people. Social media activity is continuously scanned, and inappropriate content is flagged with real-time alerts.

Safe Online Docs and Mail

Online tools make it easy for students to work, create, and collaborate — but it’s critical that schools keep this activity safe. Relay’s advanced AI constantly monitors student activity on sites like Google Docs, O365, and online mail, and sends real-time alerts for inappropriate activity.

Safe From Pornography

Access to pornography by children can lead to anxiety, depression, and high-risk sexual activity. Many filters are unable to effectively block pornographic content. Thanks to our comprehensive database and real-time AI, Relay keeps students safe by blocking pornographic content (even in other languages, even videos and images).

Safe From Cyberbullying, Self-Harm and Violence

Unmonitored and unrestricted, student activity online can be dangerous. Relay’s AI keeps an eye on what students search; what they type and message; what they message to others; and which pages they visit — and provides powerful flagged activity reports as well as real-time alerts. Relay is literally a life-saver.

Safe Searching

Inappropriate content can be just a search away on the Web. But Relay’s SafeSearch and filtered Google Images search controls keep searching safe.

Relay has the features schools need to keep students safe:
• A more accurate, comprehensive database
• Secure Smart Agents
• Granular web access controls
• Detailed reports
• AI activity analysis
• Real-time alerts
• SafeSearch
• Lockouts
• SmartPlay for YouTube
• Social Media Controls
• And lots more!