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Unlocking App Approval Efficiency with Lightspeed’s New Teacher App Request Workflow

The Challenge: Navigating the App Approval Maze

With over 2,000 apps in use on average per district, districts need an efficient process to streamline app approvals, ultimately maximizing the security and instructional impact of their edtech ecosystem.

However, managing app approvals—and ensuring teachers comply with district guidelines of introducing only vetted apps into the classroom—can be a daunting task, often burdening both IT and Instructional Technology teams, as well as teachers who don’t have clear protocols in place to discover approved apps or request new ones for review.

The Solution: Lightspeed's Teacher App Request Workflow

Enter Lightspeed’s Teacher App Request Workflow! This new integration helps districts enhance data security and streamline collaboration by seamlessly routing app requests directly from teachers’ classroom management tool to IT and Curriculum teams. Districts can now empower even more efficient app vetting—all from one platform—with the combined power of Lightspeed Classroom Management™ and Lightspeed Digital Insight™.

With just a few clicks, teachers can now request or discover approved apps from Lightspeed Classroom Management, eliminating the need for manual outreach and saving them time. These requests are automatically directed to Lightspeed Digital Insight where IT and Curriculum leaders can review them for privacy policy compliance and instructional alignment.

Depiction of how Teacher App Request Workflow integration and how it works. App Approval.

Simplifying Teachers’ Search for Educational Tools

From Lightspeed Classroom Management, teachers gain instant access to a curated directory of vetted educational tools. This streamlined approach simplifies the search for new resources, enabling teachers to find apps that engage students in learning while adhering to district-approved guidelines. By providing quick access to approved apps, Lightspeed Systems enhances teachers’ ability to leverage technology more effectively, and securely, in the classroom.

Improved Collaboration Across Departments

Lightspeed System’s Teacher App Request Workflow fosters improved collaboration between IT, Curriculum, and teaching teams by eliminating the need for spreadsheets and manual outreach. Plus, this closed-loop workflow allows departments to stay informed of app request statuses in real-time via email notifications for when apps are submitted and in review, approved, or not approved.

Enhanced Data Security

By making it easy for teachers to request, or discover (and thereby adopt), district-approved apps, districts can more effectively bolster their data security. IT leaders can vet third-party apps for privacy policy compliance through Lightspeed Digital Insight via tools such as integrations with 1EdTech’s TrustEd Apps Program and the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC). Validation badges signify compliance with key privacy regulations such as GDPR, FERPA, and COPPA, saving IT leaders time.

More Efficient App Approvals with Lightspeed Systems

Lightspeed System’s Teacher App Request Workflow empowers teachers to play an active role in shaping their digital learning environment while reducing administrative burdens. By providing a user-friendly platform for app discovery and request submission and review, districts can enhance data security. Improved collaboration and transparency also save time for IT and Curriculum teams, but especially teachers, who have the benefit of more time to focus on what matters most: delivering high-quality instruction to their students.