Lightspeed Systems® Releases Classroom Management Solution for Mac OS

  • Media Release

AUSTIN, TX. — Ed-tech solution provider Lightspeed Systems, the leader in K-12 device filtering for almost 20 years, has released an update of its classroom management solution for Mac OS. Lightspeed Classroom Management is now available in general release for Chrome and Mac, with support for Windows on the way.

The cloud-based Lightspeed Classroom Management is a disruption to classroom device monitoring technology. Competing solutions such as GoGuardian for Teachers rely on teachers to continuously monitor classroom device activity as it happens. In theory, live monitoring solutions help teachers pinpoint students who are off-task or falling behind; in practice, teachers struggle to track the activity of 30 students at a time, and monitoring all those screens keeps teachers tied to their desks and devices.

Lightspeed Classroom Management — which easily integrates with the Lightspeed Filter™ — leverages machine-learning AI to provide insights into student browsing behavior. Rather than depend on teachers to identify unusual browsing on sight, Lightspeed Classroom Management alerts teachers when it happens, zeroing in on students who may be distracted or struggling. Although teachers have the capability to live-monitor student device screens with Lightspeed Classroom Management, the solution’s alerts free them from that responsibility.

Lightspeed Classroom Management gives teachers the power to:

  • Receive status updates from students (“need help,” “working,” or “done”)
  • See aggregate views of student browsing activity and status
  • Broadcast teacher or student screens to the rest of the class
  • View student screens in real time, pull browsing histories, and record device activity
  • Send quick messages (e.g., “Are you done?” and “Need help?”) and receive replies from student
  • Lock device screens and send content links
  • Limit student web access to a website or group of websites for the class period, and release students when they change their status to “done.”

The cloud-based, multi-OS Lightspeed platform eliminates the need for multiple systems to filter, monitor and manage school devices with features for granular user activity reporting; content filtering, including SSL sites, with flexible policies; real-time suspicious activity alerts; and geolocation for lost and stolen devices.

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