Lightspeed Systems® Releases Lightspeed Alert™, Powerful Student Monitoring and Alerting System

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Austin, TX — Today Lightspeed Systems announced the release of Lightspeed Alert, a new feature of the Lightspeed platform. Lightspeed Alert monitors student activity on school devices, uses advanced AI to identify students at risk, then delivers real-time alerts on activity that is indicative of self-harm or other dangers. This new feature furthers the company’s mission of protecting children.

Leading up to this release, Lightspeed Alert was in a limited Early Access release, during which more than 80% of included schools were able to identify at-risk students through the feature. Early access users identified suicidal students as well as those suffering from abuse, depression, and other concerns.

“More than 3,000 teenagers attempt suicide every day in the U.S. alone – and most of them leave signs beforehand, including in their online activity,” shares Brian Thomas, President & CEO of Lightspeed Systems. “Technology can help schools identify those students and with Lightspeed Alert, we’ll be able to help save more lives.”

Lightspeed Alert is included with the Lightspeed Filter™, extending the market-leading web filter’s robust features and reports to protect students not just from inappropriate online content but also from risky offline behavior.

Lightspeed Alert provides a comprehensive student safety monitoring platform that surpasses other solutions in the breadth of its monitoring and technology. Lightspeed Alert:

  • Uses advanced AI and machine learning to monitor and interpret activities
  • Works across sites, including online mail, Google docs, social media, search, and more
  • Works across platforms and operating systems
  • Delivers alerts with screenshots and detail, speeding response and resolution
  • Monitors all types of activity, from typed words to web visits
  • Provides dashboards, safety trend reports, and user reports as well as real-time alerts
  • Allows schools to designate authorized recipients, from safety officers to counselors to principals, by group
  • Ensures student data privacy by sharing data only with designated school personnel

Schools included in the Early Access phase quickly saw the benefits of the feature, commenting:
“Lightspeed Alert is a next generation tool that has allowed us to transform the way we look at student safety and security.”
“Lightspeed Alert has alerted us to issues we didn’t know our students had and has made a difference in those students’ lives.”
“Lightspeed Alert is a critical layer to identify and help students in need that we might miss otherwise.”
“Lightspeed Alert can help us shape tomorrow’s headlines by keeping children safe.”

The Lightspeed platform is a complete solution to filter, manage, monitor, protect, and analyze online activity in schools. Lightspeed Alert is included at no additional cost with Lightspeed Filter.

Schools interested in better monitoring their devices and protecting students can request a demo or quote at

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