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Rightsizing School Technology: Throwing Out Rogue, Risky, and Redundant EdTech Apps

District IT leaders face an ongoing challenge: managing their ever-expanding tech stack.

Admin reporting graphic

Data-Driven Decisions in Education: Exploring Lightspeed Filter’s Reporting Capabilities

School district information technology (IT) departments play a crucial role in protecting networks and equipping staff with the insights they need to tackle everyday challenges.

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Making YouTube Safe and Productive for Students

Lightspeed SmartPlay™ makes it easy to keep YouTube content safe for schools, with settings designed specifically for K-12 education.

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Six Key Domains for Comprehensive School Safety

Earlier this year, Michelle Gay, the founder of Safe and Sound Schools, was a panelist on the webinar, “The Safety Spectrum: From Digital Vigilance to Physical Security,” part one of

Texas capitol building. SCOPE Act.

How the SCOPE Act Requires Texas School Districts to Take Action

On June 13, 2023, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Texas House Bill No. 18, the Securing Children Online through Parental Empowerment Act, more familiarly known as the SCOPE Act.

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Maximize Edtech ROI with Lightspeed Digital Insight

Today’s digital classrooms are fueled by technology.

Image of a pink piggy bank. Optimize EdTech ROI with the 2024 EdTech App Report.

Optimize EdTech ROI with the 2024 EdTech App Report

Since the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, school districts have invested heavily in digital learning, both in connected hardware devices and with edtech apps.

Image of student wearing headphones and working on a notebook computer. Skill sets for school IT.

Multiple Skill Sets Required for School District IT Leadership

At the recent two-day 2024 District Advisory Council meeting in Austin, Texas, a group of Lightspeed Systems customers gathered to talk about the highest-priority challenges they face, along…

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Unlocking App Approval Efficiency with Lightspeed’s New Teacher App Request Workflow

With over 2,000 apps in use on average per district, districts need an efficient process to streamline app approvals, ultimately maximizing the security and instructional impact of their…