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Image of a red flag flying in the breeze. Protecting student data privacy.

Protecting Student Data Privacy When Reviewing EdTech Apps

Without question, digital classrooms have transformed the K-12 learning experience and edtech applications have delivered bushel loads of benefits to students and teachers alike.

Woman peering through a magnifying glass. Vetting K-12 Edtech.

Challenges and Solutions to Vetting K-12 Edtech

Analyzing new edtech products to possibly adopt for schools can be daunting, particularly considering 1) the rapid growth of new products in the marketplace, and 2) the sheer number of requests…

CoSN Annual Conference. 2024 theme of "Leading for Innovation at Warp Speed."

A Quick Guide to the 2024 CoSN Annual Conference

The CoSN (Consortium for School Networking) 2024 Annual Conference takes place from April 8-10 at the Intercontinental Miami, providing yet another opportunity for attendees to network, share,…

Smart Agents students on laptop. Filter bypass prevention.

Stay Ahead of K-12 Security Threats with Lightspeed Filter Bypass Prevention

School districts face a daunting challenge in safeguarding their networks, data, and users against external and internal threats.

The Number 3 ~ 3 Things IT Needs to Know About EdTech Collaboration with Teachers

3 Things IT Needs to Know About EdTech Collaboration with Teachers

Today’s digital classrooms require an unprecedented degree of edtech collaboration between teachers and the district’s supportive IT function.

Hands, united in collaboration. Building collaboration between IT and teachers.

Building Collaboration Between IT and Teachers

With today’s digital learning environment pervasive at all levels of K-12 education, effective edtech usage is paramount to deliver desired student learning outcomes.

A teacher celebrating student success in the classroom.

Celebrating Student Success in the Classroom

A big part of the teaching profession involves pointing out mistakes, correcting errors and the like.

Image of old-timey black phone

Protecting Students and Their Well-Being with School Tip Lines

School tip lines are designed to provide students, faculty, or members of the public at large with a confidential, anonymous manner to report potential threats to student safety, like…

Introducing the “United for Safety” Series to Better Student Well-Being

Our children need our protection, and our schools and communities need to engage in expanded dialogue around student well-being.