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YouTube Video Purifier Filter for Schools

Enhance online learning with safe YouTube access for students.

Use YouTube in schools as a safe learning resource

YouTube is full of great educational videos that can enrich online learning. Unfortunately, YouTube video filtering used to be difficult or error-prone: managing custom lists, trusting the categories set by the uploaders, and fighting the lack of easy customization of YouTube restricted mode.

But with Lightspeed Systems®, safe, educational YouTube access for students is easy and customizable. With SmartPlay™, a YouTube video purifier included with Lightspeed Filter™, you get a variety of controls to provide just the access you want, which gives students access to educational videos, and only educational videos.

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Millions of educational videos in a click

Lightspeed SmartPlay leverages our unrivaled database to categorize videos, so you can turn on educational YouTube videos in a click and block any inappropriate and distracting content.

Cut the YouTube comments and sidebars

Protect students in your school from some of the worst content on YouTube in comments and recommended videos sidebars. With one click, the YouTube video purifier removes access to comments and sidebars, giving students a safe, appropriate, distraction-free YouTube experience.

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Safe YouTube access anywhere

With SmartPlay, you can enable a safe, native YouTube experience for students in the classroom or learning remotely. Share allowed videos or embed them in your LMS to supplement digital lessons.

Customizable lists for learning

SmartPlay is backed by the most comprehensive K-12 database to categorize what’s educational—but different schools have different needs. Customize your school’s YouTube access by easily adding or removing videos and channels, such as teacher and school YouTube channels needed to enhance learning.

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Ready to provide a safe YouTube experience for your school's students?