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Multi Academy Trusts (MATs)

Fully Customisable Safety Solutions for Multi-Academy Trusts

More groups of schools around the UK are merging into Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) and unifying their funding, policies, and e-safety solutions. Although these consolidations bring many advantages, the IT Directors at the Trusts face new challenges of finding scalable safety solutions that can work across every device, in every Academy, without sacrificing an individual IT department’s control.

Lightspeed Systems® is the answer; with fully scalable, fully customisable, hierarchical safety solutions designed just for education. Giving IT Directors high-level filteringreporting and device management and the tiered administration to allow each school to control their own devices, apps and web usage.

Central and delegated control

Get full control and access to filtering policies and web activity across the entire Trust or give customisable levels of control to IT departments of each academy.

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Scalable safeguarding

Cloud-based, fully expandable safety with education-focused tools for direct YouTube filtering, advanced SSL decryption, and immediate alerts of any behaviour related to self-harm, violence, or cyberbullying.

App control

A hierarchical MDM allows you to push apps and device features across multiple academies or delegate administration rights to different teams and a powerful analytics tool showing unused apps and privacy settings to track trends and maximise ROI.

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Every device, every OS

Our safety solutions can be remotely installed across every device in the Trust within minutes. They work on every OS as well as BYOD, and IoT traffic—in school, at home, or anywhere.

How Lightspeed Systems can work with your Trust

  • Deploy the full suite of Lightspeed solutions or choose only the solutions or features that work best for your Trust.
  • Customise policies, administrators, and levels of control to perfectly match the hierarchy of your Trust with ease.
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