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Creating a Seating Chart in Lightspeed Classroom Management™

Did you know you can create a seating chart with Lightspeed Classroom Management? If you didn’t, then you’re certainly not alone! 

When I speak to teachers about Lightspeed Classroom Management, I always like to show them this quick, easy-to-use feature that delivers all sorts of benefits. And, of course, a big part of the reason I like to demonstrate how to create a seating chart is that I get to see the pleasantly surprised, smiling expressions on teachers’ faces

Using Lightspeed Classroom Management’s drag-and-drop user interface to create a seating chart is helpful when a teacher shares a class with another teacher, either regularly, in a class-share arrangement, or with a temporary substitute teacher. Creating the seating chart is easy. 

Seating chart screenshot

Create a Seating Chart in Lightspeed Classroom Management

In Lightspeed Classroom Management, follow these simple steps to create a seating chart: 

  • Use the resize thumbnail slider provided in the interface to set the desired number of seats in each row. Slide it left or right until you achieve the desired configuration. 
  • Drag and drop each student’s name to the desired seat in the seating chart. 
  • Repeat this process until all students are appropriately placed. 

Creating a seating chart with Lightspeed Classroom Management is just one of the features that teachers will find useful and beneficial. Check out the post, “10 Top Teacher Time-Saving Features of Lightspeed Classroom Management™.”  

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Lastly, if you want more information on Lightspeed Classroom Management, please schedule a brief demo with one of our edtech experts.