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CIPA Compliance

Ensure compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

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The most effective web filtering solution

For CIPA, schools are required to implement a web filtering solution that blocks obscene material. Not all web filtering solutions are created equal in this regard. Due to its comprehensive database, advanced AI technology, and powerful filtering features, Lightspeed Systems web filtering solutions are the most effective at blocking pornography and other harmful content, ensuring CIPA compliance on every device.

Ensures CIPA Compliance

By effectively blocking obscene material on any device, even school-owned mobile devices used off the school network, Lightspeed Systems helps schools ensure compliance with CIPA and other student internet safety regulations.

Blocks Pornography & Dangerous Content

In addition to violating the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), giving students access to pornography can have lasting consequences to their mental and physical health. Myriad studies (learn more here and here) show children who consume explicit sexual content have an increased likelihood of:

Engaging in high-risk sex (e.g., unprotected sex, multiple sexual partners, use of drugs or alcohol before sex)

Sex addiction

Perpetrating, and being victim of, sexual violence

Anxiety and depression

Lightspeed Systems effectively blocks this harmful content, protecting students. In addition to pornography and obscene material, Lightspeed filtering solutions effectively protect against malware, extremist propaganda, pro-eating disorder sites, and other threats. With Lightspeed, your network and students are holistically protected from danger.

Beats the Competition

We conducted tests of CIPA compliance across other filters and discovered that some popular school web filters can’t effectively block pornographic sites, putting CIPA compliance and student safety at risk. We tested GoGuardian and Securly and they blocked less than half of pornographic sites.

CIPA Compliance Test Results

1. Filter Fact Check

Of more than 3,200 unambiguously pornographic sites we tested (randomly pulled from our database of more than 300,000 pornographic domains), GoGuardian allowed 60% of this pornographic content. Securly allowed even more.

2. Filter Fact Check

Of the 40% pornographic sites that were blocked by GoGuardian, many pornographic sites were fully visible for up to 20 seconds before eventually being blocked. Results were slow and inconsistent.

3. Filter Fact Check

Securly’s PageScan is supposed to review unknown sites and then categorize them in minutes — but pornographic sites we tested were still unblocked days later.

4. Filter Fact Check

Pornographic thumbnails and featured channel images in YouTube were not blocked by Securly.

Backed by an Unrivaled Database

Relay’s Social Media controls let schools block social media sites, allow social media sites, or allow them as read-only – and these settings can vary by age or group or user so it’s easy to get just the right controls for the right people. Plus, social media activity is continuously scanned and inappropriate content is flagged and alerted on.

Leverages AI, Robots, and Humans

Robust filtering requires a mature, comprehensive and accurate database; machine-learning AI; robot crawlers; and human review. These four components work together to make the most appropriate decisions about what should be allowed and blocked in schools and to keep the database constantly up to date.

Reads Multimedia and Foreign Languages

Lightspeed’s filtering solution accurately categorizes images, videos, and foreign languages to more effectively protect students and ensure CIPA compliance.

Blocks Unknown Sites

Some other filters can’t block unknown traffic; their databases simply aren’t big enough, so blocking unknown content would lead to over-blocking. Lightspeed Systems can block unknown content because our database is so vast. Also, we typically categorize new sites within hours, so unknown content isn’t unknown for long.

Includes Real-time Safety Alerts

In addition to blocking dangerous content with our powerful database and policies, Relay provides real-time alerts and reporting on dangerous activity.

See firsthand how Relay can keep your students safe.

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With Relay you can:

Filter on and off-campus

Decrypt SSL without proxy

Manage Win, Mac, iOS, Chrome devices

Delegate administration and policies

Allow teachers to monitor in real-time

Protect from cyberbullying and self-harm

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