Students using tablets in class sitting at their desks

Safe YouTube Access in Schools

Video streaming sites such as YouTube are increasingly important to education, especially for K-12 students. Online video content can help reach visual learners, engage students at a variety of grade and reading comprehension levels, and make important educational concepts dynamic and almost real for young people who are already accustomed to consuming information in a multimedia format.

With so much user-generated video content available online, how can school IT administrators protect schools, keep students focused, comply with policies such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), manage finite bandwidth, and still give students access to the multimedia learning opportunities they need?

School districts can take one of several approaches to limiting YouTube access, but Lightspeed Filter™, with its proprietary SmartPlay™ technology, transforms YouTube into a safe and reliable instructional tool. SmartPlay’s patented agents and curated database effectively block millions of inappropriate videos, thumbnails, and other objectionable content. Learn more about Lightspeed Filter’s customizable control policies to ensure safe YouTube browsing for your district’s students.