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3 Reasons to Choose Lightspeed Filter

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Support for every device including BYOD and IoT

Lightspeed covers every OS as well as BYOD, and IoT traffic—on the school network, at home, or anywhere.

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Granular policies and admin roles

Lightspeed helps you balance high-level oversight with tier-based management including access and data privacy controls.

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Smart features to keep kids safe on and off campus

With features like Lightspeed Alert and YouTube Smart Play, Lightspeed helps keep kids safe from cyberbullying, self-harm, and inappropriate content.

Lightspeed Filter Use Case Reports

A Smart Agent for Every Device

Our proprietary Smart Agents are a revolution in filtering, putting the power of a filter inside each device.

Smart Agents go with the device, anytime and anywhere; filter any device, any app, any browser; and provide easy SSL decryption without proxies, PACs, or certificate hassles. Remote filtering made easy.

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Comprehensive Reports

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New Feature

Get parents involved

With Lightspeed’s new Parent Portal, schools can enhance communication by allowing guardians to examine their kids’ internet activity at home to keep them safe, focused, and maintain healthy screen time limits.

Learn more about Parent Reports
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CIPA compliant filtering

Keep students safe

Web filtering in today’s schools is about more than blocking and allowing web sites; it’s about keeping students safe — from inappropriate content as well as from things like bullying and self-harm — while still allowing the learning and collaboration mobile technology brings.

How our CIPA filtering works

Shareable reports

See and share everything

Lightspeed Filter offers the most powerful, actionable, and shareable reports. Get high-level data on device use or detailed, granular reports on individual students. Whatever you’re investigating or analyzing, Lightspeed has it all covered with smart reporting for every use in K-12.

Google controls

School problems solved

The vital services that are used each day come with challenges in providing students access to the resources they need without exposing them to inappropriate content. Advanced features such as SafeSearch and filtered Google Image Search controls keep searching safe.

Smart Play

Safe YouTube

Smart Play uses our advanced AI database to categorize videos, so you can allow education videos in a click and block inappropriate and distracting content. Some of the worst content on YouTube is in comments and recommended videos. One click and they’re gone, giving students a safe, appropriate, distraction-free YouTube experience.

Get YouTube without the risks

Social media management

Block, allow or read-only

Social media controls make it easy to manage social media access by blocking, allowing, or allowing but in read-only mode. Different groups have different needs, and different levels of maturity, when it comes to social media, so you can set any policy by group, age, grade, or user. Want to allow access after school or off-campus? That’s no problem with Lightspeed’s After School Rules.

Implement social media safely

Real-time alerts

Put time on your side

When it comes to security and safety, time is of the essence. That’s why Lightspeed Alert notifies administrators in real time as it detects potential incidents. Each notification details the flagged behavior and provides a link to a complete activity log.

At school or at home, Lightspeed Filter has the features you need.

Today’s school technology programs reach well beyond the boundaries of the school campus. Whether it’s protecting take-home devices or keeping parents informed, we’ve got you covered.

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After school controls

Lightspeed’s After School Rules make it easy to set different policies, such as opening up social media or gaming sites, after school or when off campus.

Learn about after school rules

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Device geo-location

Device geolocation services can help to locate those devices so schools maximize the ROI of their technology investment.

Learn about geo-location

Lightspeed parent reports product shot

Parent reports

Parent Reports from Lightspeed make it easy to share key information with parents, without adding extra work or hassles for IT.

Learn about parent reports

Got BYOD and IoT?

We’ve got you covered.

Lightspeed’s patent-pending Smart Agents are perfect for all your school devices. You don’t have to do anything; just deploy the agents and get the decryption you need.

Want the same decryption for BYOD and IoT devices? No problem. A Lightspeed Rocket virtual appliance installed on your network catches every bit of traffic the Smart Agents can’t.

Included free with Lightspeed Filter

Safety Monitoring System

Lightspeed Alert helps you spot the warning signs so you can curb cyberbullying, school violence, self-harm, suicide, and other harmful behaviors.

Learn More

Complete Features

Easy SSL decryption

Provide multi-OS SSL decryption without proxies, PACs, or trust certificates. Smart Agents put the power of a filter inside each device.

Comprehensive filter

Analyzes and reports on web activity, typed content, and multimedia across the web–including YouTube, Google search, online docs and social media.

Adaptive AI Database

The most accurate and comprehensive categorizations ensure inappropriate content is blocked while valuable educational materials remain accessible.

Dynamic reports

Get high-level data on device use or detailed, granular reports on individual students. Lightspeed offers the most powerful, actionable, and shareable reports.

Granular YouTube Controls

SmartPlay takes control of YouTube. Allow educational videos and block inappropriate content, thumbnails and time-wasters—in just a click.

On and Off Campus

Flexible policies let you ensure safety, CIPA compliance, and policy enforcement on networked and mobile devices—on and off-campus.

And More...

BYOD/IoT filtering

After-school controls

Flagging and alerts

Allow/block lists

Lockout controls

Custom block pages

Custom white/blacklists

Social media controls

Search controls

Data dashboard

Secure, sharable reports

User-level activity reporting

YouTube reporting

Search reporting

Google Docs reporting

Social media reporting

Parent reports

Safe search

Flagged activity reports

Audit Log

Automatic Updates

Fast cloud set-up

Device Detective geolocation

Easy device mapping with zoom

The Lightspeed Platform

We built our platform from the ground up to work the same way schools and districts work. With a centralized directory integration and delegated administrations, Lightspeed has the most powerful platform.