5 Ways to Measure Learning Continuity and Engagement In and Out of the Building

1. Monitor student engagement

No matter if your student is fully remote or part of a blended learning program, you still need to know what applications they are accessing and when they are accessing them. Lightspeed Analytics gives you the visibility you need to stay informed.

Lightspeed Analytics in Action:


Martha is attentive in class but on remote days she seems to be falling behind on remote instruction assignments.


By seeing how often she’s engaging with applications at home, Lightspeed can tell you if she’s actually struggling with the assignments or if she’s just not interacting with the online applications.

2. Identify curriculum gaps for students before it's too late

All students have their favorite subjects. While this doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem, if a student spends 90% of his time in geography while ignoring math, this student will inevitably fall behind. Lightspeed Analytics’ student-level reporting enables you to spot the gaps early and intervene before it’s too late.

Lightspeed Analytics in Action:


Jamal loves science. He spends 75% of his engagement time in the chemistry app. Unfortunately, he only devotes 10% to his assigned writing lesson.


In real-time, Lightspeed Analytics offers reporting that lets you see inequities in learning application engagement, giving you the opportunity to help Jamal better manage his time and not fall behind in writing.

3. Assess and develop personalized learning plans

To execute differentiated instruction successfully, data points on engagement are critically needed. Even if multiple students share a device, Lightspeed Analytics lets you drill down to the student level and observe what applications are resonating with your students.

Lightspeed Analytics in Action:


Mr. Wilks has a diverse array of learners in his third-grade class. If he had access to data telling him which applications are working for which students, including how much time they are each spending with assigned applications, he could begin to develop a plan for each of them.


Lightspeed Analytics’ engagement profiles give districts visibility into the daily, weekly, and long-term engagement activities of individual students. Plus, if you have a shared device in one household, Lightspeed leverages Google sign-in so you can see which students are doing what on their shared device. You can even produce an individualized report for parents on their students’ work.

4. Evaluate and validate remote and blended learning curriculum and budget

Curriculum planning with limited data is difficult. Even more challenging can be acquiring the reporting needed to show successful engagements to external stakeholders. Lightspeed Analytics empowers you with student-level data that demonstrates what’s working and what’s not.

Lightspeed Analytics in Action:


Superintendent Graham wants to develop curriculum and technology priorities based on engagement results to better support personalized learning. One major issue—she doesn’t have the student level-data she needs to develop these priorities.


Lightspeed Analytics’ student-level data analytics gives administrators a granular look at what applications students are accessing, when they are accessing them, and for how long. Even more—Lightspeed allows her to easily produce custom engagement reports for school district stakeholders, empowering her to make a compelling, databased action plan for the school board.

5. Discover opportunities to enhance instruction

Teachers are innovators. They constantly experiment with the apps you’ve approved for district use. But busy schedules mean successful results may not always be shared throughout the school district. Lightspeed Analytics’ easy to build, easy to share reporting on student-level data means great ideas can be communicated throughout the district.

Lightspeed Analytics in Action:


Ms. Jones developed a two-week lesson based around a new mathematics app for her seventh graders. After the two weeks ended, she noticed an uptick in check-forlearning performances correlating with a near 95% engagement rate with the app the prior two weeks. Without any good way to display and disseminate these results, this discovery could be siloed away.


Lightspeed analytics’ custom reports allow Ms. Jones to quickly run a report detailing engagement with the new app over the prior weeks. She can then share this with other seventh grade math teachers throughout the district.

We’re thrilled to welcome CatchOn to Lightspeed Systems and together continue our work in ensuring safe and effective learning for all students.


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