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How the Right Edtech Strategy Can Stop Violence and Protect Students

Lightspeed Systems’ Sergio Villegas and Ryan Keag explain why it’s critical that your district’s content filtering should integrate seamlessly with a safety monitoring system and 24/7/365 alert review team.

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Leveraging New Product Features from Lightspeed Systems®

New features to the Lightspeed Solution Suite are coming! If you’re on a school IT team that uses Lightspeed products, this webinar will help make your day-to-day more efficient and students safer in the digital classroom.

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Strategies to Support Your Teachers' & Students' Well-Being

Social-emotional challenges are becoming more prevalent for both teachers and their students. In this webinar we discuss how districts can support a productive learning environment and the mental and physical well-being of their teachers and students.

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Learn About Lightspeed Analytics™- CatchOn Edition

In this webinar, the Lightspeed team sits down with a district leader who is leveraging the power of data analytics with Lightspeed Analytics-CatchOn Edition to achieve results in their district.

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How Districts Measure and Engage Digital Learning

The transition to the digital classroom age brings new sets of challenges as technology needs shift for both teachers and students. How can we effectively bring edtech into the classroom?

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How Districts Can Combat Increasing School Threats

There has been a rise in school threats and disruptive student behavior. Partnering with Raptor Technologies, we discuss: What can districts do to reduce on-campus violence and alleviate student mental health issues?

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Top 4 Safety Risks & How to Protect Your Students

In this webinar, you will gain insights from subject matter experts on the top four risks students are facing online—impacting their mental health, safety, and well-being—and what districts can do to help their students going forward.

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Suicide Prevention: Getting Your Students the Care They Need

Lightspeed Systems partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and district leaders across the nation to discuss the current state of mental health, and the effects of its increase over the past 18 months.

Hear life-saving stories from a Lightspeed Safety Specialist and learn how your district can prepare for an effective prevention, intervention, and post-intervention program this school year.

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Lightspeed Product Updates You Don't Want to Miss

Exciting things are happening at Lightspeed, and we want to share with you all of our product enhancements. In this webinar, learn more about the new features and capabilities in the Lightspeed Systems Solution Suite that’ll make your job easier and your students safer.

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1:1 Post-Pandemic: Now What?

As part two in our roundtable discussion series, our panelists take a deep dive into what 1:1 learning will look like as students return to in-person instruction this upcoming school year.

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EdTech and Instruction Post-Pandemic

In this webinar, you’ll learn how instructional philosophies evolved as a result of remote and hybrid learning, what 1:1 instruction looks like moving forward post-pandemic, and what Lightspeed anticipates for edtech and instruction in the fall as students return to the classroom.

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Returning to Normal: What "Back to School" Really Means

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shutdowns, schools around the world scrambled to adapt to a new, unforeseen crisis. As schools reopen the following year, they’ll need to prepare to face new challenges.

In a partnership with CoSN and AWS, this roundtable discussion covers the challenges in returning to physical school in the Fall and what your “new normal” may look like after a year of remote and hybrid learning.

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7 Lessons Learned from the Columbine Tragedy

Studies have shown that threats of student violence are posted online from merely hours to weeks before an incident occurs. Student safety at school is as important as ever, especially with the impacts of remote learning and the expansion of educational technology over the past year.

Frank DeAngelis, retired principal of Columbine High School, shares with us his most important lessons learned from the Columbine tragedy in 1999.

Building a Sustainable Social Emotional Learning Plan

How can schools spot the warning signs and address concerning student mental health behavior?

Our VP of Customer Success, Rob Chambers, joins Dr. Kecia Ray to discuss creating a successful SEL plan to address students’ personal trauma and mental health.

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The Most Essential Data Metrics for Effective School Reopening

How can you be sure your school and district’s reopening plans are cost-effective and properly planned?

Anthony Padrnos, Executive Director of Technology for Osseo Area Schools in Minnesota, discusses how ed tech classroom tools can inform important budgeting decisions and give you the knowledge you need to reopen your school effectively.

Using Technology to Address Student Mental Health

In collaboration with Tech & Learning’s Leadership Roundtables online series, we go over how you can identify the early warning signs of deteriorating student mental health.

Edtech solutions by Lightspeed Systems can help schools and districts easily spot those warning signs and notify school administration so they can intervene before it’s too late.

Returning Back to Normal: What It Means for IT Teams

Our VP of Customers Success, Rob Chambers, discusses how to make data-driven decisions as your district leaders plan for returning to the classroom. He also covers the funding sources that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they can help your district’s acquisition of Lightspeed Systems solutions.

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Student Threat Assessment as a School Safety Strategy

Dr. Dewey Cornell goes over the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines – an evidence-based threat assessment program that is used in schools nationwide – as well as steps to implement the threat assessment at your school.

How One Georgia District Saves Students' Lives with Incident Response Protocol

Greg Hogan of Bibb County School District (GA) will give us a practical, step-by-step walk through of how his district has successfully prevented multiple incidents of student self-harm by spotting and acting upon online activity indicators of student mental health concerns.  

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The Most Essential Tools for Remote and Hybrid Learning Environments

Janet Corder, Educational Technology Consultant at J2 Training, shows how you can improve your current remote or hybrid learning tech stack, in addition to getting valuable information on enhancing professional development with new systems and technologies. 

How to Increase the Efficacy of Your Synchronous/Asynchronous Learning Environment

Dr. Christopher Harrington, an expert in K-12 education technology and virtual and blended learning environments, leads a discussion on how to improve upon current synchronous and asynchronous learning environments, and how to increase student engagement during remote learning.

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10 Major Threats to Student Online Safety, and How You Can Avoid Them​

With distance learning ramping back up due to continued campus closures, visibility into student online activity is more essential than ever.

In this webinar, Detective Rich Wistocki discusses easy, actionable solutions for districts to implement to keep their students safe online without hindering performance and accessibility.

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Distance Learning: Data Insights and Best Practices

As schools navigated remote learning for the first time, data insights have been key in driving informed decisions about tools, student engagement, and spending while students learned from home.

In this webinar, K-12 industry and district leaders are coming together to discuss the best practices and critical data needed in remote or hybrid learning environments.

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Remote Learning: Data-Driven Decision Making

Transitioning to remote learning left a lot of questions for schools as they sent devices off-campus for learning. Filling in the visibility gaps require data to help schools stay informed and make decisions for effective learning. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the robust reporting to help answer all your toughest remote learning questions and best practices for making smart, data-driven decisions in a remote learning setting. 

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Move Your Filter to the Cloud

As learning goes more and more digital, mobile, scalable solutions are needed in order to safeguard learning for students, in classrooms and from a distance. 

In this webinar, Lightspeed Systems® and AWS® cover the benefits of moving your filter to the cloud. Learn about scalable filtering and reporting to ensure student safety and CIPA compliance in any learning environment.

K-12 Filtering Today

The K-12 learning environment is changing. New devices, resources, and sites are used by students and teachers each day, causing growing complexities for filtering solutions. 

In this webinar, Lightspeed Systems® addresses some of the critical challenges K-12 schools face today. From SSL decryption to YouTube filtering to mixed device environments, you’ll learn about solutions for tackling the toughest filtering challenges.

Lightspeed Classroom Management™ for Teachers

With classes full of devices, in-person and from a distance, teachers need the right controls to drive student engagement and boost effectiveness of digital lessons. 

In this webinar, you’ll get a walkthrough of the powerful Lightspeed Classroom Management™. Discover how to help your teachers regain teaching time and keep digital classes connected. 

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Safe, Scalable Distance Learning

In the midst of world-wide shutdowns, many schools faced the challenge of quickly launching new distance learning programs, including purchasing devices, providing reliable access, and keeping at-home learning safe. 

In this webinar, Dr. Tina Barrios, Assistant Superintendent at Polk County Schools, speaks with Lightspeed Systems® about their experience with distance learning and scalable solutions they leveraged for safe student learning.

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From Rockets to Lightspeed Filter™

While Lightspeed Rocket™ is a great solution for enabling safe on-campus learning, the K-12 learning environment is evolving. As schools go mobile, so should your solutions. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn about making the switch to Lightspeed Filter™ – the best-in-class, cloud-based filtering solution, backed by the most mature database in the industry.