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Online Safety Solutions
for Effective Distance Learning

Ensure student online safety and educational effectiveness with the power of the Lightspeed Systems® Solutions Suite.

Lightspeed Systems® Solutions Suite

Our patented technology was imagined and designed for UK schools. In partnerships with schools around the world, we’ve innovated continuously to scale student safety from the classroom to the cloud

St. Joseph Uses Lightspeed Systems® to Protect their Students.

Lightspeed Filter™ and Lightspeed Mobile Device Management™ provide real-time monitoring and automated reporting for St. Joseph.

Protect Students From Harmful Online Content

  • Number 1 for a reason
  • Consistent online safety and CIPA compliance 
  • Effective learning experiences for all students
  • Teach safely with YouTube
  • Empower parents with student activity insights

Complete Visibility into Student Online Learning

  • Actionable, real-time insights
  • Customisable data sets
  • Optimise your technology budget
  • Track educational resource compliance

Prevent Suicides, Cyberbullying, and School Violence

  • Real-time warning signs
  • Visibility for today’s learning environments
  • Understand the risks
  • Build a safer community

Essential MDM for Hybrid Learning Environments

  • Enterprise-level built for K-12
  • Optimize technology resources
  • High level visibility and policy controls
  • Protect your technology investment

Create Engaging Learning Environments Anywhere

  • Encourage connected classrooms
  • Keep students focused
  • Effective, equitably learning

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The enhancements and the investments Lightspeed™ has put into their products is simply amazing. No other suite of online student protection comes close to what Lightspeed Systems® has to offer.

Ross Randall

Lamar County School District,
Director of Technology


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