Distance learning success featured

The Data You Need for Distance Learning Success

Can you answer these questions about your distance learning program?

  • What programs and apps are most used? Least used?
  • Which classes use our LMS the most?
  • How much money are we spending on licenses for that are never used?
  • What key distance learning educational resources are under-utilized?
  • What apps and software do we need to plan professional development for?
  • Did previous PD sessions increase adoption and engagement?
  • What rogue apps have users across the district implemented outside of IT?
  • What tools are in use throughout our schools that violate student data privacy best practices?

The answers to these questions can drive smarter decisions, higher ROI, and greater distance learning success.

Recent studies suggest that 67% of purchased ed-tech licenses are unused, resulting in millions of wasted dollars. Make every ed-tech dollar count with Analytics powered by Lightspeed Filter.

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