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How to Easily Decrypt SSL on Any Device

SSL Decryption for Education

Hate setting up proxy servers, trust certificates, or PAC files for SSL decryption? You’re not alone; SSL Decryption for Education is a time-consuming, costly process.

Unfortunately, schools can’t afford to not get full reporting on HTTPS traffic. More than half of all websites are encrypted, including Google and YouTube. It’s critical for schools to decrypt this traffic in order to set filtering policies and get accurate reports on student activity.

Lightspeed set out to make SSL Decryption for Education easy for IT and quick to set up for every OS. Our proprietary Smart Agents in Relay eliminate the hassles and costs of decrypting SSL for Chrome, Mac, Windows, and iOS devices.
Here’s what customers say they love about Relay:

  • “Ease of use and SSL decryption that just works, giving us far more granular and informative reports.” —Nate Wurster, Galway Central Schools
  • “It gives us cloud-based, out-of-the-box SSL decryption.” —Mike Fruechting, Andover Public Schools
  • “The way Lightspeed is handling SSL decryption, no one else in the market is doing it.” —Rob McCartney, Sioux Central Community School District

Smart Agents power the most intelligent method of SSL decryption, but that’s not all: Smart Agents also enable Relay’s multi-OS cloud filtering capabilities. To filter multi-OS deployments, other solutions rely on Chrome extensions. Extensions are easy to bypass, and don’t filter apps or browsers other than Chrome. Smart Agents aren’t extensions, nor can they be removed from devices by students.

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