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Optimize Your District’s Acceptable Use Policy to Keep Your Students and Your District Safe


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With the changing digital landscape and its impact on learning, it’s important to regularly revisit your district’s acceptable use policy (AUP) to ensure it is current and not leaving your students or your district vulnerable. 

What your students access on school-issued devices can have serious consequences. Just one student accessing one unapproved app can leave your school at greater risk of a successful cyberattack. An AUP can help reduce those risks—but only if it’s up to date.  

While it is of course impossible to eliminate risk entirely from your edtech use, it is possible to greatly mitigate it by making sure everyone uses their devices responsibly. In this free guide, we examine the AUP elements you need to maintain and optimize to keep your district secure and your students safe while they learn and use the internet. 

Download it now to learn:  

  • How to reduce your AUP’s ambiguity and limit your district's legal liability by keeping the two critical goals of a good AUP in mind 
  • The six key components of an effective AUP and how to update your policy  
  • Three strategies to make your AUP accessible to all your students to help secure student buy-in 
  • Steps and tools that can help you enforce your AUP since regular updates are only the first step 

Our mission is to arm districts and parents with information that could potentially save a child’s life.

- Amy Bennett, Chief of Staff, Lightspeed Systems®

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