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Lightspeed helps schools foster digital citizenship - featured

Top 3 Ways Lightspeed Systems™ Helps Schools Foster Digital Citizenship

Even people who work with students probably don’t realize just how much time kids spend online. For teenagers, that number goes up to 7 hours and 22 minutes.

What are kids doing online - featured

What Are Your Kids Doing Online? Here’s How to Keep Parents Informed

Happy new year from Lightspeed Systems! It’s just the beginning of 2018 and we’re ready to share a major new feature release in Lightspeed Filter™ (formerly Relay).

Group of people in office talking

What We Learned About K-12 Students From 147 Million of Their Online Searches

If you had to guess, how many online searches does the average K-12 student perform in one month? And how many websites do they visit?

Two student sitting in the school hallway

What Millions of Student Searches and Page Views Can Tell Us About Their Digital Habits

Girl in pink shirt looking at the imac

Can You Guess the 30 Most Popular Websites Among K-12 Students?

Two individuals working together and pointing at a computer screen

We Analyzed Thousands of Student Web Searches About Suicide. Here’s What We Learned

Monitor showing the YouTube home page. Making YouTube safe for students.

Keeping YouTube Safe: How to Ensure Your Students Get the Best Content (And Not the Rest)

Safe YouTube Learning in K-12 schools has always been a challenge. Recently, the tech industry uncovered millions of uploads that, on the surface level, appear innocent.

Stop cyberbullying

Strategies to Stop Cyberbullying in K-12 Schools

With so much technology at their fingertips, most students today have unprecedented access to texting, chats, apps, and online content.

Chromebook tips

10 Tips for Take-Home Chromebooks

More and more schools are realizing the benefits of sending devices home with students: It enables 24/7 learning, gives students access to all their resources, builds their technology skills,…