Warning Signs of Dangerous Student Online Behavior: Early Detection and Implementing an Alert System for Your District

The data paints a startling picture: More than 3,000 U.S. K-12 students attempt suicide on average every day Rates of student suicide ideation and suicide attempts have nearly doubled in the last 12 years 21% of students report being bullied

How to Make Remote Learning Easier, Less Stressful, and Less Risky

As students return to the classroom this fall – either virtually or in a hybrid environment combining in-person and remote learning — teachers and administrators have grappled with the challenges of adapting lessons, units, instructional delivery, teacher/student/parent communication, and basic “classroom” organization to the recommendations of health

Three Tips for Successfully Managing Android Devices

As we talk with many of our partners in education adapting to distance learning, we understand that a top challenge is providing enough devices to meet the demands for your students – a demand that’s also impacting manufacturers of top K12 devices. Due to a backlog in orders

Why Shawnee Mission Schools Chose Lightspeed Systems For Virtual Learning

Like many districts and schools this summer, Kansas-based Shawnee Mission School District is making back to school plans and gearing up for the possibility of continued virtual learning. To prepare for their new normal, Shawnee Mission is adjusting their district calendar for

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Three More Reasons to Turn on Lightspeed Alert™ School Safety Monitoring

If you’re using Lightspeed Filter™, you already have Lightspeed Alert – a complete student monitoring platform that can help increase your school safety! If you aren’t using it today, you probably don’t know about: Students contemplating suicide (suicide rates are on

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Student Safety & Mental Health During Coronavirus

The pandemic and social distancing has been difficult and stressful for everyone – but the impact on students is enormous. As schools have shifted to remote learning to continue education through building closures, so many critical aspects of students’ lives

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New! The Online Activity Dashboard is Here to Help with Remote Learning

As we’ve talked to schools over the last few weeks, what we’ve heard is that they’re moving quickly to do remote learning — but they don’t have the information they need to gauge how well it’s all working. The key

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Using YouTube for Distance Learning: Is It Safe?

With classrooms closed and remote learning the new normal for billions of students around the world, methods for delivering instruction are changing. The use of video conferencing, live streaming, and recorded videos are on the rise. But is the growing

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Limitations of Firewall Filters for Remote Learning

Many districts have relied on their firewall for content filtering and reporting. While firewalls have never provided the granularity of a purpose-built web filter, they’ve been sufficient for some schools…until now. School closures, take-home devices, and remote learning all expose

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Remote Reporting? What Schools Don’t Know About Remote Learning

With 90% of the world’s students out of the physical classroom, funds have been reallocated and plans quickly put in place to support remote learning. More school devices are in students’ homes than ever before. Teachers are beginning remote instruction