Service-level Agreement (SLA)

Services / SLA

Lightspeed Systems provides hosted services including mobile device management, web filtering, app analytics, and classroom management for schools.

Availability and Back-up

Lightspeed Systems services are available at least 99.9% of the time. The servers are continuously monitored for performance and availability.


Average monthly uptime (2024): 99.9%

Average monthly uptime (2023): 99.9%

Average monthly uptime (2022): 99.9%

Average monthly uptime (2021): 99.9%

Average monthly uptime (2020): 99.9%

Average monthly uptime (2019): 99.9%

Average monthly uptime (2018): 99.97%

Average monthly uptime (2017): 100%

The system has several layers of backups in place. We utilize several data protection strategies including ongoing backups and fully redundant replicas of master databases spread out across several data centers in multiple locations. Lightspeed Systems is self-certified with Privacy Shield ( for data protection and privacy.

Lightspeed Systems software has been architected to protect against single points of failure. Application stacks are distributed across multiple physical locations including Amazon cloud services. These are geographically separated and use multiple Internet providers. We utilize geographically distributed dynamic DNS with very short TTLs to route users to the closest application stack. If a stack stops responding it is automatically pulled from the DNS distribution and users are rerouted.


Updates are typically performed during non-peak hours and new features are normally released on Friday nights.

Users are advised of coming changes beforehand and given information for using new features via e-mail, announcements and other documentation.

Support Hours & Contacts

Technical Support is available 24/7/365 as follows;

  • Live Support: Monday-Friday 2am-6pm Central Time
  • On Call Support: Monday-Friday 6pm-2am Central Time and weekends
  • Chat Support: Monday-Friday 2am-6pm Central

Support contacts and resources are as follows

  • Customer Portal:
  • 1.800.444.9267 for regular support hours
  • Emergency off-hours support is available by calling (800) 444-9267 and select emergency support. If a technician does not answer, leave organization name, phone number, contact info, as well as a problem description. A technician will return the call within 60 minutes.

Worldwide Support

Americas: 1.800.444.9267

EMEIA: 01277 240 640

APAC: +61 2 8310 8686