World Class Technical Support from Code Ranch

If you follow Lightspeed on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve seen our newest office, Code Ranch, be built from an empty field into a state-of-the-art multi-building campus outside Austin, TX. But what does this new office mean to you, our customers?

We pride ourselves on providing great support to every customer, and our NPS score reflects that. But we know there’s always room for improvement and that’s what Code Ranch is all about. Number of cases, time to respond, and first call resolution are just some of the many metrics we track to make sure we’re always improving. And Code Ranch will help us do just that!

All of our US support personnel now work out of the new Code Ranch office. The open floor plan was designed to provide easy collaboration among our support engineers to help get you the best answers as quickly as possible.

Our Network Operations Team is there, too, reducing the notification and resolution time should any issues arise. Soon our QA team will be there, so any issues you have can be quickly tested and fixed.

The office also includes ample room for training, and ongoing internal training on the latest features and capabilities of our products is another thing we’re focused on in our support organization.

With this new massive new space, we’re also hiring new support techs, growing our support team to help the growing number of schools who use our solutions.

Finally, everyone loves to spend time at Code Ranch, so developers and sales engineers and other members of the Lightspeed team rotate in and out of the office to share their knowledge and help drive support forward.

We’re here to help you make your school devices safe, effective, and easily managed. Code Ranch is just one way we’re doing that. Remember, the fastest way to get quick answers from our technical support team is by using chat, either within the product or on the Community Site. But when you need a phone call, we’re here for that too!

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